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In 1887, Karl I, Austria's last emperor, was born in Persenbeug Castle. A few meters from the Castle Persenbeug is the 16th century building - now called the „Villa am Kaiserweg“ / „Villa on Emperor way“. The „Villa am Kaiserweg“ with historical frescoes dating from 1518 is one of the oldest buildings in Persenbeug and the historical area of the Nibelungengau. The historic world heritage region of Nibelungengau and the neighboring Wachau, protected by UNESCO, are one of the most popular cultural touristic regions in Austria today. Emperor Ferdinand I, who became Archduke of Austria in 1521, traveled from Spain and received homage from the estates in Persenbeug and Ybbs. With the love for the history of Austria and the retention of the timeless, charming atmosphere, the „Villa am Kaiserweg“ / „Villa on Emperor way“ is an attraction for art and culture enthusiasts. In 2022, after an extensive restoration, the Villa am Kaiserweg will open its doors to art and culture enthusiasts. In addition to the exhibition on the history of Habsburg-Lothringen, Villa am Kaiserweg also shows the development of art from the 16th century to the present day. The exhibition shows works of art by Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, as well as graphic works by Gustav Klimt.
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Schloss Persenbeug
Villa am Kaiserweg Villa on Emperor way Address: Schloss Strasse 5 3680 Persenbeug- Gottsdorf Austria e-mail: