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With the love for the history of Austria and the retention of the timeless, charming atmosphere, MOCAMAG Museum in Villa am Kaiserweg is an attraction for art and culture enthusiasts. In addition to the exhibition on the history of Habsburg-Lothringen, „Villa am Kaiserweg“ (Villa on Emperor way) also shows the development of art from the 16th century to the present day. The exhibition shows works of art by Salvador Dali, as well as graphic works by Gustav Klimt , Friedensreich Hundertwasser and artworks of contemporary artists. Next exhibition: 7 August - 25 September 2024 Exhibition 2023: 26 July - 6 October 2023 In order to visit the Villa am Kaiserweg, it is necessary to reserve the visit online: Um die Villa am Kaiserweg zu besuchen ist die Reservierung des Besuches online erforderlich: office@villa-am-kaiserweg.com
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MOCAMAG Museum Villa am Kaiserweg Villa on Emperor way Address: Schloss Strasse 5 3680 Persenbeug- Gottsdorf Austria e-mail: office@villa-am-kaiserweg.com
Nature and the garden are important sources of inspiration for the artists. We will guide you through the artistic representations of nature and gardens by artists from then and now. In addition to the well-known garden pictures by Claude Monet, landscapes by Van Gogh, visions of nature by Friedensreich Hunderwasser, you get an overview of the depiction of well-known living artists such as David Hockney and Damien Hirst, Tanja Playner and other artists from different countries.
In addition to the exhibition on the history of the Habsbrugers, we will show you the historical development of art. The exhibition includes an overview of the representation of the human body, nature and modern forms of art. The exhibition shows original oil and acrylic paintings, various printing and reproductions techniques, editrions, photography, sculptures as part of art and digital forms of art. The body is a fascinating play tool for artists to experiment with their own thoughts and ideas. Body language plays a major role in this. In this part of the exhibition we show you works by Gustav Klimt, Salvador Dali, Rodin, Georg Baselitz, Tanja Playner, Henrik Brondsted and other artists.
Karl I - the emperor and his family
Diversity of Art From Gustav Klimt, Hundertwasser, Salvador Dali to Georg Baselitz, Tanja Playner and new art masters
Gustav Klimt
Auguste Rodin
Tanja Playner
Claude Monet
Claude Monet
Friedensreich Hunderwasser
Line Bonnef
Begona Cubero Marcos
The development of different techniques and also modern media influenced artists to experiment. In the exhibition we show you how this change is affecting artists from different countries.
Rebeccah K. Klodt
Henrik Brondsted
Max Werner
Lubomila Kossachka
Maj-Lis Tanner
Artists of the exhibition: Gustav Klimt - Pablo Picasso - Auguste Rodin - Salvador Dali - Pablo Picasso - Hundertwasser - Marc Chagall - Jeff Koons - Andy Warhol - Tanja Playner - Rebeccah Klodt - Joan Mitchell - Begona Cubero Marcos - Georg Baselitz - Henri Matisse - Alex Katz - Christo - Cy Twombly - Tinguelly - Galyna Moskvitina - Max Werner - Madeleine Schachter - Sandy Jian - Maisoon Al Saleh - Hsuan Wu - Maj-Lis Tanner - Aneta Novitzka - Henrik Brondsted - Kurt Forsberg - Lea Edwards - Line Bonnef - Lubomila Kossachka