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Artists have the exhibition possibility in Art Fair, Biennale, Art Museum, Gallery with one of the most popular galleries in Europe. apply now under: curator@villa-am-kaiserweg.com Villa am Kaiserweg invits artists participate in the Exhibition from 3rd September to 19th December 2022 For submission please send us: - your biography with exhibition list - 3 to 5 images of your artworks in Jpeg (please no bigger as 200 kb per file) Please send your submission at: curator@villa-am-kaiserweg.com Our Curator will contact you. We accept for submission: Original artworks (drawings, mixed media, oil and acryl original artworks, lithograph, screen prints, photography) Giclee Limited Editions on artpaper or canvas Sculptures - original artworks Sculptures - limited editions We accept NO Poster. After your submission our Curator will contact you
Villa am Kaiserweg Villa on Emperor way Address: Schloss Strasse 5 3680 Persenbeug- Gottsdorf Austria e-mail: office@villa-am-kaiserweg.com